Conference Scope

The world is heavily integrated and Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) brings China to the center of further and accelerated integration. Chinese aspiration is to build a new world order through Belt and Road and transform its economy to a high technology economy. BRI in many respects is an instrument to accelerate technological change. 

The idea of radical change is at the core of BRI. The world led by China would be very different from the world in which we live in today. BRI is now much larger than an ‘initiative’ – it is a political and economic order. This emerging new world order brings to forth challenges for connected countries, transforming concept of transparency, structural changes to governance and even the altering language used in foreign relations. These changes are also different from how technological  transformations work in the West and what we are used to.
The construction of community ‘shared destiny’ designed by China would create highly interdependent economies. However, most of the countries would be more dependent on China than China would be dependent on them. This emerging order also affects how business is conducted and managed, especially in countries getting increasingly connected with China. The challenges also include sustainability and governance of Chinese-led projects in BRI countries, including Pakistan.

This conference welcomes inquiries into development of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Belt and Road Initiative and related issues. The work may be related to issues stemming from CPEC in the areas of Accounting, Decision Sciences and Supply Chain Management, Economics, Finance, Human Resources Management, International Relations, Law, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management and related disciplines.