Conference Scope

In the geo-political theatre, the world has recognized China’s progressively significant role. Reaching the culmination of early harvest projects of CPEC, the region is eager to appreciate what impact it has created. Often described as the flagship project of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), both Pakistan and China consider success of CPEC as vital to their future plans. These exciting development bring new ideas, prospects, fears and challenges for managers and business people on both sides of the border. These developments also bring exciting opportunities for learning and enrichment for business and management academics.
Our focus at this interdisciplinary conference is on business management aspect of CPEC and how it impacts individual businesses, industrial sectors and economic geographical segments. The conference aims to bring together academic work on CPEC, specially from Chinese and Pakistani scholars with a focus of management and business. The conference aims to provide an interdisciplinary platform for participants to analyze and critique recent trends, innovations, and conditions related to CPEC. The academic debate will focus on helping businesses, managers and policy makers to efficiently reap the benefits offered by CPEC. 
We invite full papers, developing papers and case studies. The work may be related to issues stemming from CPEC in the areas of Accounting, Decision Sciences and Supply Chain Management, Finance, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management and related disciplines. 
Best Paper Awards will be presented during the conference.