First Meeting of CPEC Consortium of Universities at Fudan University, Shanghai

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Implementing the Initiative to Build a Belt and Road Initiative to Promote the Establishment of the "China-Pakistan Alliance Mechanism" and the First Meeting of the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor University Alliance" Exchange Mechanism at Fudan University

Source: Foreign Office Published: 2017-11-06

On November 4, the first meeting of "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor University Alliance" exchange mechanism was held in Fudan University. Chinese Academy of Higher Education, former deputy party secretary and deputy minister of Ministry of Education Du Yubo, vice president of China Association of Higher Education, president of Fudan University, Xu Ningsheng, vice president of China Higher Education Association, Secretary-General Kang Kai, deputy secretary general of China Institute of Higher Education Ye Hongzhi, a member of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Admiral Muhammad Asgar, a consultant for the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor," Safdar Ali Sand, director-general of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and a senior member of the Chinese Society of Higher Education, Board of Education and representatives from universities and colleges affiliated to the "9 + 9" alliance between China and Pakistan attended the meeting. The meeting discussed and approved the Articles of Association of the CBA University League, established the Alliance Exchange Mechanism Committee, decided that the director of the Chinese Committee shall be the president of the Higher Education Institute, the executive director shall be the president of Fudan University, and the secretariat of the Chinese Union shall be located in Fudan University. At the meeting, the opening ceremony of the Chinese Secretariat for the exchange mechanism of "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor University Alliance" was held.

President Du Yubo pointed out that it is necessary to study and implement the mechanism for establishing an exchange mechanism for the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor University Alliance," discuss and determine the tasks and requirements of the "CMBU University Alliance," and work in promoting the construction of the "Belt and Road" The cooperation between higher education between Pakistan and Pakistan has achieved great results. It is of great significance. He emphasized that the "Belt and Road Initiative" and the construction of "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor" are important tasks for the country. The establishment of the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor University Alliance" marks a new step in the exchange and cooperation of higher education between China and Pakistan. We should make alliances into effective vehicles for enhancing mutual trust and mutual trust and for thickening the friendship between the two countries. We should give full play to the advantages of disciplines, scientific research and social resources of the alliance institutions of higher learning. We should strive to build the alliance institutions of higher learning into a base for the cultivation of high-end talents in China and Pakistan, Bases and service economic corridors, and strive to lead the reform, development and quality of higher education in both countries through the exchange and cooperation among allied schools. To this end, we must enhance our conscientiousness and initiative in work so as to ensure the effectiveness of our cooperation projects as soon as possible. He proposed that the functions and responsibilities of the coalition exchange mechanism should be clarified as soon as possible so as to support coordination, organization and team building and actively promote the alliance exchange mechanism. Jointly contribute to the wisdom and make contributions to the cultural, economic and social development along the "Belt and Road" and the promotion of building a community of human destinies.

Lieutenant-General Muhammad Asgar pointed out that the alliance between the CABEU universities is very important and is not an option but a necessity. As President Xi Jinping said, Pakistan and China want to establish a community of destiny and form an economic and trade strategy that will serve as an example of harmonious relations between neighboring countries. Education and learning will play an important role. Important role. To solve the problems facing the world, universities can not go it alone and need cooperation. Pakistan hopes to establish in-depth cooperation with universities in China through university alliance, exert the creative power of academic research through interconnection and exchange and international exchange, give play to the creativity of talented people, further promote the construction and implementation of the economic corridor between China and Pakistan, and make "one belt, one road" contribution.

President Xu Ningsheng pointed out: In the report to the 19 th CPC National Congress, we must "construct a community of human destiny," "respect the diversity of civilizations in the world, transcend the barriers of civilization by exchanges of civilizations, cross the border between civilizations and civilization, and coexist civilizational superiorities." Aspects, colleges and universities are becoming an important bridge connecting the young people and the intellectual circles of the two countries. The establishment of the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor University Alliance" will allow China-Pakistani higher education cooperation to enter a completely new stage. It will not only provide personnel for the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor" project, but also provide intellectual support and guarantee for the construction of economic corridor. He said Fudan University is honored to host the first working meeting of the alliance mechanism and will certainly take the communication, coordination and service work between the Chinese universities and the Pakistani universities as well as push forward the construction of alliances in the CBA economic corridor and promote various fields Pragmatic cooperation and make unremitting efforts so that the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor" University Alliance in China and Pakistan set up a bridge of exchanges between the bridge of education, talent bridge.

Fudan University and Pakistan have always maintained good relations. In May 2014, His Excellency President Mahinou Hussein of Pakistan visited Fudan to attend the press release of the Urdu Chinese Dictionary. Earlier, former Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz served as keynote speaker at the Shanghai Forum 2010 hosted by Fudan University. Fudan University is also one of the earliest universities in Pakistan to conduct research. In October 2009, Fudan University, with the support of the Pakistani government, established the Pakistan Research Center with the Pakistani Embassy in China. Since its establishment, the school has further strengthened its cooperation with relevant universities and educational institutions in Pakistan and conducted frequent academic exchanges in such fields as international relations, security, business and management in South Asia. The "Belt and Road Initiative and Global Governance Institute" that Fudan University will formally establish on November 5 will also become a new and greater platform for further cooperation between Fudan University and Pakistan.

In August this year, China Society of Higher Education and Pakistan Higher Education Commission co-sponsored the launch of the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor University Alliance," the start-up meeting, both China and Pakistan related colleges and universities around the "connecting value chain," "Industrial Park," "Energy, Water Resources and Food Security "and" Citizens' Livelihood and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor "on the basis of dialogue and consultation on the four major topics and proposed a package plan for promoting the building of an economic corridor between China and Pakistan.